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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

No running!

A mishap at the school pool has sent Cocona and Papika flying. Fortunately, their landing was a soft one. They’ve suddenly found themselves in Pure Illusion, and the competition wasn’t far behind. Another hunt for the amorphous is on, but how did it get here? While battling the monsters spawned from it, our duo was saved by the city’s sole resident and master, the Great White Creator. Ever since the amorphous came to his city, he’s been attempting to fight back. Unfortunately, the city is nearly done for. Even so, he will not abandon his life’s work. After learning what had taken place, Cocona was all fired up to help the Almighty Ruler. However, the monster containing the amorphous is bigger than anything either group has faced. They’ll be needing something as equally as big to stand a chance. It just so happens that the Great White Creator has the tools to stand up to it, although it’ll take two synchronized pilots. Still, while they put up a valiant effort, the monster proved too powerful. All hope appeared lost, yet a test of allegiances has been taking place this whole time. Yayaka has once again gone against her team to help her friend. Together with Cocona and Papika, they’ve assembled Pops biggest fish onto the battlefield. The Great Pacoya won’t even leave ashes behind in its wake.

This was an action packed episode, but there’s a lot more going on here. First, it should be noted that the barrier between reality and Pure illusion truly is thin. As seen in this episode, they’ve entered the subconsciousness of Hidaka. Now, our characters haven’t realized it, but Hidaka has experienced a slight change in his manners. Even a mad scientist can be brought back to reality. Moreover, for quite some time now, Yayaka has been playing a dangerous game. During this episode, she went out of her way twice to save the other team. Her partners were not happy about this in the least, and losing the amorphous may soon spell the end of their cooperation. Lastly, the name Mimi has left the lips of Papika twice now. This name means little to Cocona, but a growing concern has been seeded. Who is this Mimi girl that’s continually on Papika’s mind? Anyhow, ready for a homage overdose? Enjoy some masterfully crafted robots and monsters!





Click here for the 8th webm collection.


The hints are starting to build up. A test of friendship awaits us next time.

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