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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 90

by Yumiko

A hollow victory.

Before Yami and friends moved into their base, it was simply a home for one. The Legolant family lived there to contain their child, Henry. Ever since his birth, Henry has sucked the mana out of all those around him. Never able to consume enough, he was left bedridden for the majority of his life. Growing up he depended upon his parents for everything, then on one fateful day, they vanished. Never knowing what happened to them, Henry accepted the end. He laid there for months awaiting his death, and then he appeared. Yami had come in search for a base for his newly established squad. The location was perfect for the rowdy bunch he was ready to put together, though he didn’t account for Henry. Regardless, Henry was willing to hand over his home to Yami once he had passed on. This was something Yami wasn’t willing to accept. Having someone die in the base would be way too creepy. As such, in exchange for his home, Yami would fill it with powerful comrades for Henry. He too would be joining the Black Bulls, although it would take him a number of years before he could move. Nonetheless, Henry never forgot the words Yami told him on that day. If there ever came a time his friends were under attack, then put on the robe.

Henry’s recombination magic along with his comrades were enough to fend off Rades and Sally. Unfortunately, those two were just buying time. Valtos was able to find the magic stone found within their base. Once he had it in his hands, it was time for a strategic retreat. The battle outside meant little to what had just accomplished. The Eye of the Midnight Sun were now one step closer to their goal. However, this is where the oddball group is pushed to the side. The final two stones will be personally handled by Licht. While his organization takes on the Royal Knights, he will ensure everything. Anyhow, an ominous aura has begun to fill the land. Enjoy meeting Henry!



ED: Okay, this is 100% a placeholder ending. We’ll be getting a new OP and ED soon enough.




Click here for the 90th webm collection.


We’re back on the front lines next week. Be sure to tune in to see the lioness in action.

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