Tejina-senpai T.V. Media Review Episode 1

Want to see a magic trick?

Those that attend Tanenashi High School are required to be apart of a club. Even if one wishes to opt out, they will be forced to find one. In the case of one particular boy, he’s looking for a club where he can sneak by and leave early. However, before he could get too far, a peculiar sign caught his eye. It read the magic club, and taking a look inside sealed his fate. The only member of the club, Tejina, isn’t letting a potential member leave without signing up. Unfortunately, her newly named Assistant isn’t buying into it. But that’s okay, Tejina will real him back in everyday whether he likes it or not. This club can’t survive with only one member.

Tejina-senpai is a very straight forward show. There’s hardly any plot to take in, and the characters are quite basic. Still, let’s go over them quickly. Tejina is the only member of the magic club. She’s actually talented, but when others are watching she can never preform correctly. Stage fright always gets to her, thus causing her to get in a number of embarrassing positions. Moreover, the male lead to this show is simply known as, Assistant. He’s reluctant to hang around Tejina, though he has little choice in the matter. She’ll go above and beyond to get him into her antics each school day. Additionally, there will be several other characters we’ll meet along the way. You’ll see a few images of them below.

Overall, I’d have to say this is a decent start to the season here. This is only episode one, but everything held up art and animation wise. The main allure of the show also didn’t suffer any censorship. Tejina’s magic truly gets her in the best predicaments possible for the viewer. Furthermore, the half length run time of the show matches perfectly for the source material. Each chapter of this is only a few pages, so keeping things concise was for the best. Anyhow, ready to see Tejina-senpai’s first animated performance? Enjoy the show!




Episode 1:






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We’ve got weeks of embarrassment to go. So, be sure to see it all here at, Anime Solution!

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