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Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen Movie Media Review

by Yumiko

A vampire, a halfling, and a priest.

The deal with Oshino is a go. He’ll be setting up one on one duels with each vampire hunter. However, before Araragi can confront any of his opponents, he’ll need as much information as possible. His lack of experience already puts him at a massive disadvantage, but knowledge could level the playing field. Among the three, Dramaturgy will be his first match. He’s a vampire just like Kiss-shot, though the power gap between them is vast. As such, a minion of Kiss-shot in raw strength will easily outdo him. Still, that’s if a inexperienced bat can reach him. This towering giant boast countless years of hunting experience, and he’ll be sure to display it fully upon Araragi’s body. Next on the list is the outcast, Episode. Being half human and half vampire has done him no favors socially. He is not welcomed in either circle, yet his body welcomes the pros of both sides. Using his vampiric abilities to shift his body into mist, and wielding a holy cross will be putting Araragi in a world of pain. Lastly, we have the only human out of the trio, Guillotinecutter. He may be a mere human, but he did manage to take 2 limbs from Kiss-shot. Additionally, while the other two hunt for sport and self-interest, Guillotinecutter hunts for his faith. That faith of his will make him the most dangerous of the lot for Araragi.

Let’s talk about trust and power. Throughout this movie one will see Araragi learn what it means to be a vampire. It’s not something he welcomes, but it’s a power he must wield in order to restore his humanity. Speaking of humanity, Araragi has begun to feel doubt towards Kiss-shot. She may have saved his life, but to what end? He’s proven to be especially worthwhile. The fights against Dramaturgy and Episode showed him a world he never thought possible, then Guillotinecutter forced him over the edge. Can such individuals be trusted? There’s also the fact that Kiss-shot hasn’t said a word about the process of turning one back into a human. All Araragi has to go on is a honey-milked promise. Anyhow, let’s talk more in part 2 of the review. Enjoy the retrieval of the right leg!





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And we’re only half way done. Be sure to continue on to part 2!

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