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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Where are you, Senko-san?!

Between work calling and Senko not picking up the phone, Nakano has cut his trip back home short. There’s a lot on his mind, but what worries him most is Senko. After having spent a year together, they’re nearly inseparable. As such, he can’t wait to get back home to her treasured smile. A day’s worth of pampering should put him at ease. Unfortunately, what awaited him was the complete opposite. An empty and dark apartment was all that remained. Fearing for the worst, Nakano took a proactive stance. He’s gone out to find Senko in all the familiar places. Even with the rain pouring down on him, he can not stop. Without Senko by his side, it may truly be the end. However, when all hope looked to be lost, she appeared yet again. Descending down from the heavens, Senko has returned with a renewed resolve. The pampering shall resume, and under the best conditions. Under the blooming sakura trees, they’ll share an unforgettable drink.

So, why did Senko take off without a word? Her trip back to the other side was to accomplish two things. First, she needed to restock in order to fulfill a promise. Back when they shared their first drink, they agreed to have another one once the sakura trees were ready. Getting everything in order was simple enough, yet what came next was a test of resolve. The other reason for Senko’s trip back was to ask Sora a question. Even after a year’s worth of pampering, Senko hasn’t been able to make a dent in the darkness surrounding Nakano. Can she truly make a difference going back to him? Now, Sora knows the inevitable outcome. No matter what Senko does, she’ll end up hurt. Returning to Nakano may change little, nonetheless, Senko has a desire of her own. Even if it’s selfish in the end, she’ll pamper Nakano to his heart’s content. The kindness he’s displayed in a past life, this life, and even the next, will not go unpaid.

It’s an anime original ending, but it’s one I can get behind. In fact, I can not think of a single negative thing about this show. As long as you’re the target audience, then this show will fulfill your needs. Additionally, it was a pleasure to work on media from Doga Kobo. They’re one of the few studios I’ve never had a problem with. Their art and animation have always been spot-on. Moreover, this was by far my favorite show of the season. Nothing else quite matched up to it. Senko’s pampering is just that heavenly. Anyhow, this was an easy 10 from me. Enjoy one final pampering from Senko-san!





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She’ll always be there in your heart. See you later, Senko-san.

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Yumiko (@guest_2961)
4 years ago

It’s the inevitable fate that awaits us all, though the journey before it can be quite fun. Hopefully Senko can make every moment count this time around, I know I did.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2960)
4 years ago

Will not cry!! Will not cry!! Will not cry!!I’m crying!!!https://uploads.disquscdn.c