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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 89

by Yumiko

Meanwhile at the base…

While the Royal Knights are fully engaged, there’s another fight brewing that can’t be overlooked. Located within a relatively secluded area, the Black Bulls enjoy peace within their home. Sensing nothing was up, several members have headed out for the day. The only known souls left behind were Gauche, Gordon, and Grey. Being placed on standby in case of emergencies kept them at bay, though they never imagined the emergency would be coming to them. From out of the blue, they’ve been attacked on all sides from the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Those that showed up were familiar faces, too. Rades, Sally, and Valtos have come to collect, however not to kill. Their mission is of crucial importance, still they’ve gotta get through three valiant magical knights. Holding them off while Valtos searches the base has been successful thus far, although the tables just may be turning. A figure only known as a rumor within the base has shown his face. Henry has come out to play.

There’s a lot of little things going on during this episode, so lets go over them quickly. Among all the members that left the base, Yami was the most important of them. Let’s just say pulling him away at such a time is a bit suspicious. He’s gone to get an apology from Vangeance, though we’ll see where that soon leads. Next, the ragtag crew from the Eye of the Midnight Sun were given instructions they don’t quite get. They were specifically told not to kill Gauche. This is something that was brought up not to long ago. Even at the cost of taking critical damage, Licht wouldn’t dare to hurt Gauche. Just what is so special about him? Lastly, today’s episode gave 2 members of the Black Bulls some backstory. Gordon and Grey haven’t gotten much time to shine among all the members we’ve met thus far. However, I have feeling that’s about to change. They both have a voice ready to burst out of them. Anyhow, the mystery of the rotating base will soon be solved. Enjoy being used!





Click here for the 89th webm collection.


These battles are just heating up. Check back each week for more and more!

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