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Fate/Apocrypha Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Victory at all costs!

After losing the Greater Grail and the home field advantage, Darnic has seen enough. The rules nor the promises he’s made no longer matter. As long as his wish comes true, then the end will justify the means. Lancer of Black has been forced to use his noble phantasm, and Darnic is in control now. Unfortunately, the actions Darnic committed will not be tolerated. Once Ruler arrived on scene, everyone was commanded to take him down. A monstrosity that threatens the world could be unleashed. However, during all this time an individual that’s even more determined than Darnic was on the move. Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, the Ruler of the previous Grail War, has been preparing for 60 years just for this moment. With the Greater Grail firmly in his hands, he no longer has to stand back. He’s taken near complete control of the Red Faction. That transfer in power caused the battle with Lancer of Black to be interrupted, although this played right into Amakusa’s hands. A dual confrontation he’s been waiting for has finally taken place. The vampire has been vanquished, and the current Ruler has met the Master of the Red Faction.

There’s plenty more that can be said about the current story, but I’ll save that for when this project resumes. As you may or may not know, coverage for this show started on episode 13. This was mainly due to the timing of Anime Solution’s birth. It may be half blu-ray and half TV quality, but at least it’s all there now. Moreover, after the airing of Fate/Apocrypha, I’ve heavily changed my opinion on it. Initially, I wasn’t very happy with it, though this probably because the show rubs many people the wrong way. This isn’t your typical Fate story where they get heavy into masters and servants. This has always and will be a story about fighting for one’s wish. Once you understand that, then this is quite the excellent tale. Just what is one willing to do or give up to see their dream come true? Lastly, Fate/Apocrypha will be leaving the blu-ray rotation for now. It will return in time, so look forward to it maybe next year. Anyhow, the destined confrontation has been had. Enjoy the end of the first half!





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A break for now, but it’ll return one day. Look forward to other completions here at, Anime Solution!

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