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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Where art thou, prince?

Ranko’s call for a rivalry with Rea didn’t come out of nowhere. Her feelings for Chihiro run deeper than many know. However, just when did this all begin? Her deeply-seeded love started when they met by chance. Back when they were just children, and before they knew one another as cousins, Ranko fell in love at first sight. Afraid and alone, Chihiro took her by her hand. It all started within a graveyard, but Ranko would soon learn first love can be complicated. While she had eyes for him, he only had eyes for zombies. Not only that, it turned out Chihiro was a bit of a coward when facing others. Ranko’s dreamy illusion of a prince was quickly shattered. Still, first impressions are not the end. Chihiro and Ranko were apart for the following 2 years, though that all changed when her family moved to Chihiro’s city. Ranko had grown, although Chihiro was the same as always. His mind was still forever on zombies. Nonetheless, they were now spending a lot more time together. Playtime with Chihiro never amounted to much for Ranko, yet everything changed when they were attacked by a stray dog. Chihiro was ready to run away alone, expect he couldn’t. Ranko’s cries summoned up a courage within him he could never normally display. Fending off the dog was simple enough, though the outcome meant so much more. In Ranko’s eyes her prince had returned, and once again took her by her hand.

Ever since that incident with the stray dog, Ranko had confirmed her feelings. Her love for Chihiro only continued to grow over the years. Even if he only wanted zombies, she believed one day he would come around. Unfortunately, Ranko’s greatest threat to love became a reality. She never imagined that Chihiro’s childhood love was possible. When a member of the living dead stood before her, she knew this meant war. Rea won’t so easily take her Chihiro away. Moreover, episode 7 is completely about taking a walk through Ranko’s feelings. As such, you won’t be seeing any Rea this time. She’ll be getting her spotlight back soon, though. Anyhow, she’s not willing to lose to anyone. Enjoy the heated rivalry!





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There can only be one winner. Stick around to see if Ranko’s love will prevail.

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