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One Room Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Welcome back, Onii-chan!

Natsuki hasn’t given up on us yet. She’ll be saying and doing anything to get the blood flowing, well within reason of course. Still, these soul crushing days don’t allow for much rest. The body can only take so much before just going with the motions. However, a special day has come around, and one that Natsuki will enjoy. We might not be able to spend much time outside the apartment, but a spectacular displays can be seen right outside of it.

If you’re a fan of Senko, then what Natsuki is doing isn’t too far off. Taking care of all the burdens outside of work is appreciated, and she doesn’t mind it one bit. In fact, she’s thankful for all the hard work we put in. Truly, one couldn’t ask for a better little sister. Anyhow, ready for that special service? Enjoy the fireworks with Natsuki!







Click here for the 6th webm collection.


We’re only half way done with our little sister. Stay tuned for further stimulating episodes here at, Anime Solution!

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