Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 12

Is that your limit?

From the get go, Kyogai showed potential. His growing power earned him a taste of Muzan’s blood. A power like no other surged though him, and with it he reached the inner circle. As Lower Moon Six, his journey to the top was in sight. However, Kyogai would soon realize that his potential was over. Unable to grow any stronger from eating humans, Muzan tossed him aside. Stricken from the Moons, Kyogai swore to rise in power once more. Hunting humans with rare blood was his only hope now, though a mirror mishap threw that plan into chaos. The boy he had plunked away brought trouble along with him. Between his demon brothers fighting over blood and these recent invaders, he’s just about had it. His drum beats have brought out the claws. Unfortunately for him, a boy with unrivaled potential has crossed his path. Tanjirou may be in a injured state, still he must press on. If he were to fall here, then there’s no one to carry on his goal. For that reason alone, he’ll find a way to silence the drum.

Kyogai and Tanjirou aren’t the only two fighters in the house. While Kyogai continually beats his drum the others have paired up. Over on the side, the supposedly useless demon slayer has shown his worth. An awakened Zenitsu truly has no potential, however while he sleeps he’s a force to be reckoned with. A single slash took care of his opponent. Still, while this may sound good, Zenitsu does have his limits. We’ll find out more about those in time. Moreover, our boar-headed acquaintance got split up from Tanjirou in the confusion. Due to his limited mental capacity, it was probably for the best. Nonetheless, after 3 days of aimlessly wondering around, he’s found an opponent. In a show of brute strength, his undisciplined techniques have easily taken down a demon. Anyhow, the battle in the drum house will soon be drawing to a close. Enjoy the drum while it lasts!





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This fight won’t last much longer. Tune in next week for the results!

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