The Summer Season is Nearly Here!

Action, adventure, and service?!

The spring season has been a rather mellow one here. I’m not too happy about it, but summer will be a lot better. There are several shows I’m very excited to cover. Now, with that said the season ahead will be a difficult one. A lot of the summer shows will be brutal to stitch up, though that’s part of the fun. Anyhow, let’s talk about what we have on the upcoming lineup.


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II – The blue string sensation is making a come back. I’ve been a fan of Bell and Hestia since their debut. Season 1 was a fantastic ride, and I expect a similar one going into season 2.


Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator – I recognize quite a few of you want some Index content on here. I’m a fan of the series, but going back to do all those episodes just isn’t possible right now. As such, Accelerator will give us a chance to start somewhat fresh. Additionally, I can’t say much about the plot for this one, but the girls will be nice to view.


Lord El-Melloi II-sei no Jikenbo: “Rail Zeppelin” Grace note – This one was a given, but in case you’ve forgotten, I already planned this one months ago. Episode 0 was covered here back at the start of the year. I hope you’re ready for tons of cute Gray pictures.


Dr. STONE – If I had to rank my favorite weekly shonen jump series, then here’s number 2. Let’s just hope the episode count on this one doesn’t kill me.


Tejina Senpai – As long as this isn’t censored, then this will be our seasonal short fan service show. Tejina Senpai truthfully doesn’t have a whole lot going on, so if the televised broadcast is censored, we may skip out on it.


Sounan desu ka? – Four girls stranded on a deserted island, sounds fun! I’ve read a good bit of this one, and enjoyed every moment of it. I also expect great things coming out of this show with Ezo’la on the job.


Everything above is most likely what’s to come here this summer. There’s always a chance things might change, though. Additionally, if you think there’s a summer show I’m not giving a chance, then feel free to let me know. I’m always open to suggestions. Moreover, it’s likely that our summer season will be interrupted again this year. August or September seems likely when I’ll be moving. When that does take place, I’ve prepared a few posts to cover the gap. Hopefully I’ll have enough, but no big promises. Lastly, I have a sample of what those posts will be like. Check the post prior to this if you’re interested. It’ll be similar to what you’re use to here, although a lot less text. Let’s just say it will be dreamy. Anyways, here’s hoping Summer 2019 will be a good one. Look forward to plenty more here at, Anime Solution!

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