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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Having a bad day?

Nakano has had an unusually rough time at work. Between his boss and the customer demanding more, it’s a never ending nightmare. Fortunately, Senko detected something was up before Nakano arrived home. She’ll be making the necessary arrangements to make him forget his terrible day, though drinking away the pain can only take one so far. He’ll have to let it all out to finally get some peace of mind. Hearing about all of Nakano’s troubles is fine by Senko. That’s what she’s here for, after all. Nevertheless, Senko is deeply worried about Nakano. Even after spending nearly a year together, he’s still showing little signs of recovery. Just what will it take to heal this overworked soul?

The 2nd half of episode 11 delves into anime original content. Sora’s warning appears to be carrying some truth to it. The good times were not meant to last. While Nakano takes some time off to see family, Senko has vanished. She hasn’t given much of a reason yet, though it’s likely due to their past connections. Now, this is a bit of dramatic turn for a healing type show. Senko walking away without a word is a bit out of character, too. However, I’m sure we’re destined for a happy send off. Senko’s job isn’t nearly over yet. Anyhow, ready to turn up with Senko-san? Enjoy the fox wine!



Super Sora Time: Spin-off when?!




Click here for the 11th webm collection.


We’re heading into original territory. Find out how it all ends next Wednesday!

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Yumiko (@guest_2984)
5 years ago

Come back, Senko-san!

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2983)
5 years ago

The suspense begins…