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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Was it simply a myth?

Yona and Hak are safe for now. Recovery may take some time, though their objective has been found. The priest that was banished from the castle stands before them. Now, Ik-su may seem a tad too carefree, but he’s the genuine thing. He’ll be Yona’s key to starting down her destined path, yet will she accept what he has to say? Yona has a choice moving forward. She can live out a peaceful life, or take on the brewing storm surrounding her. Nonetheless, her choice was already made. Everything that led up to this moment has forever changed her. The fire blazing inside her can not be sated. She’ll boldly move forward, although she won’t be able to do it alone. In her current state, she’s far too weak, and Hak can only do so much as a single man. As such, Ik-su has recalled upon the myth that created the Kouka Kingdom. Even the legendary first king couldn’t do everything on his own. It was through the support of 4 dragon warriors that the Kouka Kingdom rose to prosperity. However, these dragon warriors each went their own way when their beloved king passed on. They still exist to this day, and it will be up Yona to rally them to her side.

So, what does this myth truly entail? Legend has it that the first king was a red dragon that descended to the earth as a man. King Hiryuu created the Kouka Kingdom, though it wouldn’t be long until trouble popped up. Those around him soon forget who he was, and war was inevitable. Eventually, Hiryuu was captured. His fellow dragons could no longer look away as their beloved brother was beaten. In order to protect him, they created 4 dragon warriors through a single drop of their blood. These 4 warriors were loyal to King Hiryuu until his final days. They loved him like no other, yet they had no place within the realm of men. Going their separate ways ensured their powers were not abused, yet those powers will soon be called upon again. A visage of their beloved king has returned.

The starting point for Yona’s future path has been established. She’ll seek out the dragon warriors, however there’s one more thing before she goes. Ik-su has a favor to ask of her. A favor that not everyone is going to be happy to hear. Anyhow, those words will be revealed soon. Enjoy the start Yona’s destiny!





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He’s got a favor to ask, though we’ll have to wait to hear it. Still, learn all about it next time!

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