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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

What is the price of failure?

The duo who came seeking heads have lost their own. No amount of blood would of won them this battle. Still, they put up an excellent fight for being apart of Muzan’s inner circle, or were they? Turns out, Susamaru was fed a lie. Each member of the Twelve Demon Moons comes with a unique marking on their eyeballs. No such marking could be found on the remains of Susamaru. Nonetheless, her blood will be put to good use. Each drop of demon blood will help push for a cure. Moreover, Tanjirou has now seen what lies ahead of him. These weren’t even Muzan’s best, and he couldn’t even walk by the end of the battle. As such, Tamayo has offered to help him out by taking care of Nezuko. Looking after her and dealing with his work won’t be an easy task. However, the importance of family means everything to him. Having Nezuko by his side throughout this journey is the only way he’ll have it.

Each party will be going there separate ways for now, but what’s next next? Tanjirou will have no time to lick his wounds, he’s already been assigned to another mission. These demons never tire, so nor will he. However, before heading out he’ll have to help deal with a strange situation. A somewhat familiar face has shown up again, though not in a way Tanjirou expected. Begging for a wife in the middle of the road sure is something. Anyhow, the demons only rise in difficulty from here. Enjoy Susamaru’s brutal death!





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