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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Is he just simply a replacement?

Another day of long working hours has left Nakano stranded. Unable to make it back home, he’ll have to camp it out at the office. However, there’s another fox that’s been watching over him a lot lately. Shiro-sama is willing to offer him a special ride, though she’ll need an offering first. Regardless of the offering, her descent had another purpose in mind. She wishes to shed some light on the relationship between Senko and Nakano. Now, Nakano has known something has been up for some time now. His dreams have been littered with memories of Senko, but not from a time he remembers. Those memories belong to one of his ancestors, and Shiro has come to make it clear what Senko might be doing here. Still, even if Senko is just using Nakano, he’s okay with the whole situation. Her being there for him constantly is more than he could ever ask for. As long as that smile and fluff is waiting for him at home, Senko can stay beside him for eternity.

Aside from some minor tension, we were treated to more pampering. How do you feel about trading off back massages with Senko? Maybe even get a little close to the base of her tail, well only for a second. Nonetheless, don’t take the whole ancestor thing to heart. It’s mainly to add some story into the mix. Anyhow, Senko is waiting. Enjoy her smile!



Super Senko-san Time: She’s taking her time back this week.




Click here for the 7th webm collection.


If it works, it works! Get ready for more comfort next Wednesday.

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Yumiko (@guest_3052)
5 years ago

Always happy to be of service.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3051)
5 years ago

Ahhh! My heart is purified! Thank you!