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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 84

by Yumiko

Power overwhelming!

The final match of the tournament has arrived, and there’s no holding back now. Yuno wishes to show the world why he will be the next Wizard King. He’ll finally be using Bell for a match, although that’s not all. A form he’s been perfecting with Bell will show everyone the power of wind. However, Rill wasn’t made the youngest captain ever just for show. His painting magic can hold its own against just about anyone. Now, a clash between these two powerhouses is a sight to behold, yet the fight ends in quite the unexpected way. Rill’s crystal broke under the pressure of his own power, thus making Team P the winner of the Royal Knights Tournament.

Win or lose, this tournament was about something much more. Those found to be competent enough to work as a team will be selected for the direct assault. The Eye of the Midnight Sun can hide no longer. Their reign of terror against the Clover Kingdom will be met with swift justice, or will it? There’s much to be revealed during the upcoming arc. Moreover, speaking of team play, Zora pointed out everyone’s weakness during his stay. Everything that held them back and even himself was said plainly. Now, Zora’s introduction comes as a surprise to many, though Julius knew who he was from the start. In fact, Julius fought along side Zora’s father. He only had good words to say about him, still Zora can’t easily forget the injustice dealt to his father. Nevertheless, Julius is pushing for better acceptance through his star system, but he can’t do it alone. Zora must show his fellow knights his true colors to help bring about change. Anyhow, Asta will get this match against Yuno one day. Enjoy the unexpected victory, Yuno!





Click here for the 84th webm collection.


This arc is coming to a close, but we’ll be soon entering the end game to the overall picture. Stay tuned for a lifetime of Black Clover!

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