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Märchen Mädchen T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

More than a year later…

For once, I’ll talk about a show plainly. Märchen Mädchen is one difficult pill to swallow. At first glance, it looks to be a great premise. A battle between fairy tales, sounds great! Unfortunately, there’s so many negatives about this show, it’s hard to ignore it all. Between the uninspiring characters, questionable art, lazy animation, and the crazy delay, I can’t really hype this one back up. So, with all that said, I’m going to pass on the normal summery of things. The gap in air time has already left holes in my memory of events. Regardless, the media is still done with the same love as ever. That’s one guarantee I can say for each review. No matter how bad a show can get, I’ll always work on the media to the best of my abilities. Anyhow, the tournament is canceled. Enjoy one more before the finale!



End Card:




Click here for the 11th webm collection.


We’re in store for another end next Monday. Be sure to join us for a possible happy ending!

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