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Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

He’s got the magic touch!

Ever since Mayu was embraced by Nobunaga, she hasn’t been quite the same. A voice in her head has been constantly calling for another round. However, her time to be alone with Nobunaga is limited. It also doesn’t help that he’s got 2 other girls always surrounding him, though she’ll get her chance. When Mayu’s face was looking a bit red, Nobunaga checked to see if she was running a fever. That touch alone was enough to get her longing for a second fondling. Even if Nobunaga declines, she’ll force some action out of him. Unfortunately, Nobunaga’s wife and concubine are never far behind. They’ll be disrupting the fun this week.

There’s an explanation behind Mayu’s sudden change in behavior. Turns out, Nobunaga’s ancestor is bringing back all his past lovers. As long as that soul resides in him, then anything he touches could fall prey to his mysterious ability. In Mayu’s case, she is now houses Nabe. She was another concubine that proudly stood by Nobunaga’s side. Moreover, Mayu wasn’t the only female touched during this episode. Simply touching Yuri’s hand was enough to summon another voice. Something is brewing inside her now, although she’s afraid to admit it. Anyhow, Nobunaga is boxed in now. Enjoy the tale of 1 wife and 3 concubines!





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How many more will fall prey to Nobunaga? Find out who is next on the list real soon!

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Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3057)
5 years ago

The ecchi is dying, but refuses to disappear!

Yumiko (@guest_3056)
5 years ago

Yeah, the censorship has been killer this season. I’m hoping next season isn’t as brutal with it.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3055)
5 years ago

I do not understand why they excited us with that chapter without censorship, and now they censor something simple.Thanks for review. 😉