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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

These rainy days just never seem to end.

A recent string of strange weather has brought along a new girl to town. She’s only out when it’s pouring, though so is a unique boy. Now, their unexpected first meet was destiny itself at play. They didn’t know it in the moment, but it was only a matter of time before they got to know one another. Once Shido witnessed the young girl assaulted by the AST without retaliation, he knew what needed to be done. Upon their second meeting, Shido planned to learn as much as he could about the Hermit, then ask her out on a date. Unfortunately, there’s one thing he did not account for. The recently sealed Tokha doesn’t quite understand why Shido is running off without her. Saving Yoshino may be his current top priority, yet he must never forget to keep each Spirit in check. If a sealed Spirit gets out of hand, well so does their powers sealed within Shido. As such, after seeing Shido and Yoshino making an accidental contact of the lips, Tohka had just about lost it. In the mix of the confusion, the normally shy and reserved Yoshino also lost the one thing keeping her back. The hero who always spoke up for her, Yoshinon, was taken by Tohka. Although, she didn’t hold onto it for long. Yoshino’s release of power had everything go flying, including her beloved puppet.

Where have you gone, Yoshinon? Let’s get to know Yoshino a bit more before heading down. Yoshino is the 2nd spirit we’ve been formally introduced to. She’s somewhat different from her fellow Spirits, though. Unlike them, she never displays any hostile intent even towards her attackers. The AST may hunt her day and night, yet she just wants to be left alone. Additionally, Yoshino is as shy as one can be. Kindness may be her way, but she still needed a way to talk. In order to have a voice with others, she developed Yoshinon. In the eyes of everyone else he appears as a simple puppet, but to Yoshino he’s so much more. He’s the hero that stands up and protects her from all the pain in the world. However, during the events of this episode, Yoshinon got lost in the mix. This event was quite traumatic for the normally docile Yoshino, although he’s still out there. Word on the street is a piece of paper has taken him in. Anyhow, Shido got lots of work if he plans to win Yoshino over. Enjoy the start of many messy relationships!



ED: A new Spirit calls for change!




Click here for the 4th webm collection.


We’ll have one more that focuses upon Yoshino. In the meantime, look forward to plenty more works here at, Anime Solution!

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