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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Remember to never let go!

The ramifications of Cocona and Papika’s last dive have become quite clear. Iroha is not the same girl she use to be. Their search for answers on why this has occurred came up short. All they now know is if one dives too deep, then a ripple effect between both worlds may materialize. Seeing what has happened in her world, Cocona once again fears going into Pure Illusion. Any moves she makes down there could come with a consequence. Still, she’ll have little choice in the matter. The time to find another crystal has arrived. However, the uncertainty in her heart jeopardizes today’s adventure. Even though Papika promised to never let go of her hand, she fell alone into the grips of Pure Illusion. Lost and uncertain of where to go, Cocona wondered endlessly to find Papika. During her long trek she encountered many different sides of Papika, but she knows they are all falsehoods. Moreover, Cocona was stuck in her endless loop until Team Yayaka snagged the Crystal. As the world around her broke down, an all too familiar hand reached out. As promised, Papika never let go of her.

While this was a touching lesson in friendship, there’s a ton of hints dropped towards the future during this episode. First, there’s only a few crystals left in Pure Illusion. This offset in the balance has caused the crystals in reality to act up. What’s to come of this will be revealed soon, though we’re shown a glimpse of the past. Salt, Papika, and a mysterious woman holding a baby are all very connected to the present predicament. What occurred in the past just may be coming right back around. Additionally, it would appear that things with Yayaka and her organization are getting heated. Her relationship with them has always been rocky, but fighting against her childhood friend has raised the stakes. Just how much longer can she go on without crossing a deadly threshold? Anyhow, they may have lost today’s crystals, yet a solid victory in friendship was had. Enjoy the many different shades of Papika!





Click here for the 7th webm collection.


Things are starting to get real serious. Still, we’re in store for one more comfy dive before emotions go flying.

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ichigoken (@guest_3063)
5 years ago

yeah am really love the anime it’s good and funny characters and love the Animation.. thank you again

Yumiko (@guest_3062)
5 years ago

I’m really happy to read that. Flip Flappers was a rare gem, though not many treasure its beauty. Thanks for letting me know.

ichigoken (@guest_3061)
5 years ago

love it so mach