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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

They’re just searching for answers.

There’s only one way for Tanjirou to win this fight. Entering the swamp demon’s domain is his only chance of catching them off guard. Within their playing field, he is granted an advantage due to his sword style. A twisting whirlpool has torn two of the demons to shreds. Meanwhile on the top side, Nezuko was able to hold her own against the main body. However, that demon stood no chance once Tanjirou was back. His arms will be taking a break for touching his little sister, though his neck will be spared for a moment. Tanjirou is looking for answers on how to turn a demon back into a human and information on Muzan. Unfortunately, this is something the demon before him can absolutely not do. Muzan has struck a unshakable fear into all his subordinates. Those that leak will know a pain greater than death. Knowing what is to come, he rather take a deathly blow from Tanjirou than face Muzan.

Tanjirou’s first mission was a success, however he won’t be allowed any rest. His next mission has sent him right into the capital. Rumors of a demon lurking around have begun to spread, though there’s a lot more in the capital than expected. Tanjirou was able to pick up on a smell that he swore to never forget. The smell of the man who took his family away and turned his sister into a demon have been found. Muzan was hiding in plain sight, but that’s not all. He has a human wife and daughter by his side. This was an unthinkable sight to Tanjirou, yet Muzan played it cool from start to finish. This is hardly his first confrontation with a demon slayer. He’s turned a passerby into a demon to get all attention off him. Anyhow, Muzan isn’t going to be happy about this recent development. Enjoy their first heated meet!





Click here for the 7th webm collection.


Tanjirou finds himself in quite the predicament, thought I wouldn’t fret yet. Tune in next Saturday to witness his next steps.

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