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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Can you feel her heart beat?

Another night of drinks with Kana has led Mayu down a dreamy road. Her dream is a memory she’ll never forget, though that day didn’t start off great. A traffic jam and a broken shoe meant she wouldn’t make it in time for her teacher employment exam. However, when all hope looked lost, a terrifying face appeared before her. The face in question may have looked scary, but the person behind it was kind as could be. Rin ensured Mayu that she would make it on time, and his words on that day resonated in her heart. From that moment forward, Mayu found the love of her life. Unfortunately, there’s one problem. She can’t wake up and admit her feelings.

It’s a good thing Mayu had a little faith in her. While most people judge Rin on sight, she on the other hand took a leap many would not. Moreover, if you’re interested in how Kana and Ichirou’s relationship is going, well they keep on showing up together. Those two birds are just waiting till graduation to let it all out. Anyhow, ready to see some umbrella play? Enjoy the “adult” toys!





Click here for the 6th webm collection.


The base has been established! Join us for further developments of this relationship each Thursday.

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