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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

She’s back!

Shiro has returned for another round of fun with Nakano. As long as he doesn’t go after her tail again, she’ll stick around. Now, there’s only one form of entertainment Nakano can provide, and that’s video games. It’ll be a brand new experience for Shiro, but one she masters quickly. Not even Nakano was able to beat her when food was on the line. Moreover, when Nakano is off at work, Senko often pays Koenji a visit. She’s another one that could use a whole lot of pampering. In exchange for helping her out, Koenji has gifted Senko with a maid outfit. There’s no way her “husband” wouldn’t love seeing her in that. While it is to his liking, he prefers the normal Senko attire. Normal is the best after all.

Nakano is looking quite good these days. Everything Senko has done truly has been a miraculous turn around. Still, there’s plenty more in store for Senko. She doesn’t plan on leaving Nakano’s side any time soon. Their blessed days together have only just reached the halfway point. Anyhow, think you can beat Shiro in a round of Smash? Enjoy playing against her all-seeing eyes!



Super Shiro-sama Time: She’s taking over now!




Click here for the 6th webm collection.


Just keep on smiling, though be sure to join us for another one next week!

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Yumiko (@guest_3065)
5 years ago

A pleasure to always have you.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3064)
5 years ago

A little late on my part, But I’m back for my weekly purification.