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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 83

by Yumiko

There’s no time left!

Zora’s trump card has been played to buy Asta a moment. Unfortunately, even his best won’t be enough to dent Langris. Tossing back his own magic at him has only enraged him further, though it was more than sufficient. Asta has able to successfully go Black during all the commotion. Now, this battle won’t be a long one. Everything Langris has said and done on this day will be thrown right back at him. The acknowledgment he sought out was shattered with a single strike. Sadly, Asta’s finishing move came a second too late. Both crystals have broken at the exact same time, thus ending the match in a draw.

A draw here means both teams have been eliminated. The circumstance were a bit unusual to begin with, still the tournament will move on without them. Asta’s fated clash against Yuno will have to wait for another day. Furthermore, the remaining fights are not really noteworthy. Two more fights took place during this episode, but they were just to push the final ahead. Team I and Team P will be featured in the final match, however don’t get your hopes up too high for that one. Lastly, I have to say the pacing during the first half of this episode was way too slow. I understand they have a certain amount of time to fill up, but cutting up the action sequences, then showing facial reactions from the crowd just ruins the pacing. This should have been a clash that was finished in about a minute or two at most. Anyhow, the Black Meteorite strikes yet again. Enjoy being defeated by a peasant, Langris!





Click here for the 83th webm collection.


Ready for the final? Join us for the last fight of the tournament next Tuesday!

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