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Beatless Blu-ray Media Review Episode 24

by Yumiko

It’s a whole new era!

Arato must walk the rest of the way alone. Lacia’s previous encounter combined with numerous attacks around the global have finally got to her. There’s no coming back from this shutdown, yet Arato will not turn away. The love and the future they hoped for isn’t done yet. Now, a handful of allies and one last foe awaited Arato. Turns out, not every super AI was against Lacia’s plan. A majority of the controlled mass produced Kouka’s have something to gain from this. Moreover, Snowdrop was still hanging on, although she’ll be needing some new firepower to press on. The defeated Methode will be reused for one last assault. Unfortunately, atop Higgins’ hardware is where the final encounter begins. In order to stop Snowdrop, Arato must trust Higgins. Believing that Higgins would see that humanity is more than just his jailer, and that a relationship between man and machine could be created, Higgins was let out into the worldwide net. Higgins was finally able to see a great number of things, but he ultimately sided with Arato. Snowdrop will never crawl again and Arato will be able to complete what he came here for. Higgins has allowed Arato to shut him down believing that one day a understanding can be reached. One day humanity and their tools will walk side by side without fear.

What comes next is, well somewhat anime original. However, I believe the changes made to the end were for the best. Anyways, Arato was able to return to his normal life thanks to Lacia’s left behind dealings. Not only that, Lacia’s Black Monolith now serves to help update hIEs around the globe. Her presence is truthfully all around him. Still, without her being physically there, it just wasn’t the same. Time will go on, but for Arato his one true love was gone or so he thought. Nearly a year later, Lacia has suddenly returned looking for her owner. Once again she asked him the question that began everything. There wasn’t a moment of hesitation from Arato, he will proudly take her in again.

Looking back, Beatless was a hot mess. I did not expect this show to have so many breaks and delays. Even with all the extra time, the art, story, and direction was all over the place. Truthfully, this show just had way too many dull moments for its episode count. They really could condense this one into 20 or less. So, it’s difficult for me to say anything positive about Beatless, but this ending does make up for a few things. At least Arato can unlock those R-18 functions moving forward. Anyhow, I do not recommend this show, but a 5/10 should fit it nicely. Enjoy one final soulless smile!





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