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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

It’s a brand new day!

Peace has once again settled upon the lands of Flonyard. During that time, Cinque has gotten quite comfortable. He can now be found all over the place. Whether it be training with Éclair, hanging out with Brioche and Yukikaze, or meeting with the princess, he does not have a single dull moment. Still, while times have been good, there’s one problem that continues to circle his mind. Just how will he get back home? According to Rico’s recent research, she’s discovered it’s possible to return a hero home after they’ve completed their task. What this task entails has yet to be revealed, though in the meantime Cinque has learned why he was specifically chosen. Princess Millhiore was able to watch Cinque using her rare ability, Star Composition. Using this ability combined with an image board, Millhiore saw a hero in the making. Even though the moment contained Cinque not being number 1, she recognized his honest work. Those beautiful tears shown on that day sealed the deal for Millhiore. Cinque was the only hero for her.

Playtime is great and all, but a serious plot has been boiling on the back burner. Brioche and Yukikaze’s year long trip has revealed something sinister is going on. Their return to the Biscotti Republic was to investigate the recent uptick in war games. The wars themselves are not a problem, it’s Leo that concerns them. Everyone knows she hasn’t been acting herself lately, however the reason behind that is fear. After doing a star reading, Leo saw a future that could not be changed. In this supposed certain future, Cinque and Millhiore will be killed. Nevertheless, Leo has worked tirelessly to avoid this outcome. She does not wish to see her beloved childhood friend hurt, and she’s willing to try anything to stop it from happening. Anyhow, only time will tell the fate of our heroes. Enjoy the much needed downtime!





Click here for the 6th webm collection.


Will things only be serious from here on out? Stay tuned for more here at, Anime Solution!

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