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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Just what is a date, anyways!?

As promised by Shido, he’ll be taking Tohka out on her very first date. It’s without a doubt an exciting time for Tohka, but there’s just one thing. She has no clue what a date is suppose to be. Now, at first glance a date would appear to be all about food and going places. These are typical activities one would do on a date, yet there’s a bit more to it. A date is the fun memories both individuals can create and remember. Delivering such memorable moments will be left up to Shido, though this is his first time, too. He’ll stumble every now and then, nevertheless he’s shown Tokha a beautiful world she never dreamed of. A world that she too can be apart of.

Can Tohka truly live out a peaceful life? As the sun sets, Tohka has realized why her existence is hunted. A loving world filled with delights is out there, but each of her arrivals threatens it all. Knowing all this, Tokha believes it would be best for her to disappear. However, Shido has completely rejected that notion. There’s a place for her in this world, and even if they turn her away, Shido will not. He will forever stand by her side no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately, there are those out there that will never accept Spirits. During Shido and Tohka’s date, Origami has been stalking them. Once given permission to strike, she did not hold back. A day that had been going perfectly soon turned into a bloody one. Shido’s quick reactions shielded Tohka from Origami’s shot, though it would appear it costed him everything. Seeing such a sight threw Tokha into a unstoppable rampage. The one who had just accepted her was gone, fortunately Shido will getting a “second chance”. After a few minutes of down time, Shido was back up on his feet. Still, things have gotten out of hand. An unstoppable Princess could really end everything, although Shido won’t allow that. He’ll be putting the last step of his training into play. His “first” sealing has gone off without a hitch.

Before we head to down to the media, there’s a few quick things to go over. First, shido’s “second chance” will be explained later. It does appear at first sight to be a bit outlandishly, but it’ll make sense down the line. Moreover, if it wasn’t clear before why Shido was unique, then you’ll be seeing it firsthand now. A kiss of those lips can seal the most dangerous of individuals, well as along as he can charm them. There’s no sealing unless love is present. Lastly, we’ve now seen the extent of how deep Origami’s hatred for Spirits runs. Her intent to kill them all almost caused her to become just like them. At least for now, Origami has dodged a bullet. Shido will be breathing for many days to come. Anyhow, word is a new transfer student is on her way. Enjoy the new life, Tohka!





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Ready to meet another Spirit? Let’s get real chilly next time!

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Yumiko (@guest_3078)
4 years ago

Thank you, Ohara. It’s always a pleasure to work on Date A Live.

Justin Ohara
Justin Ohara (@guest_3077)
4 years ago

Awesome review