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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

There’s nothing that can stop him now!

After dealing with the strongest demon upon Fujikasne, Tanjirou’s only goal left is to survive. There’s only fodder left in these woods. Nonetheless, after 7 hellish nights, he and three others returned victorious. Everyone else will never see the light again. Now, passage here means a few things. Each new recruit will be given their own crow, rank, uniform, and ore. Among these four, the Nichirin ore is the highlight. The ore they pick out will be used to forge a Nichirin blade. It’ll take 10 to 15 days to be finished, but once it’s in their hands, a color of their own will stain the blade. In the meantime, Tanjirou must make his way back to Sakonji’s home. He’s got good news to announce, yet even better news awaited him. His beloved little sister had finally awoken. Unfortunately, Tanjirou won’t have much time to relax. Once he had this blade in hand, a mission from his crow was right behind him.

Everything appears to be looking up for Tanjirou. He’s got his sister back, and he’s officially apart of the Demon Slayer Corps. Still, there are a few other developments going on here. The three others that cleared Final Selection with Tanjirou each have a part to play. They haven’t been given formal introductions yet, so I won’t dive into them for now. Just remember their faces for future episodes. Moreover, another character to remember will be Tanjirou’s swordsmith, Haganezuka. This man can get a tad crazy at times, but he pointed out something that everyone should remember. Tanjirou’s fiery eyes and hair are considered lucky. There was a good chance his sword would stain red due to this, however it turned black. This isn’t necessarily unlucky, although something is for sure going on within Tanjirou. Anyhow, a crow has come knocking. Enjoy just the start of a grand adventure to come!





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Prepare yourselves! Join us next Saturday for Tanjirou’s first mission.

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