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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

It’s an invitation spree!

Ichirou’s mother has done it again. Kana has received another invite, although this one is to attend a wedding. However, before the wedding starts, there’s time to have some fun on the beach. Kana’s down for some playtime, but for Ichirou this is another bizarre situation in his life. Furthermore, Ichirou’s mother is really pushing hard for her son to end up with Kana. She’ll be leaving them to their own devices. Now, alone time with Kana always includes a lewd scenario of sorts, yet a few key words made this one different. Ichirou and Kana have both accidentally spoke their true feelings out load. Love truly is in the air, still Kana’s going to need some help before this can all become reality. Ready to suck the poison out, Ichirou?

Turns out, Yumiko was quite wrong. It would appear each couple will not be getting an even split. So, moving forward we won’t assume anything. We’ll just go with the motions as they come to us. Moreover, I’m 99.99% sure we’ll be moving onto the next couple with episode 5. Matsukaze-sensei, you’re up next! Anyhow, it’s time for another beach episode. Enjoy seeing Ichirou and Kana’s potential future!





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