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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Can we keep her?

Keeping Rea a secret from the family will no longer be possible. Wanko has seen her go full zombie, and Rea has escaped Chihiro’s room. Due to her fatigued state, Rea isn’t quite herself. However, Baabu will be leading her to the ingredient she currently lacks. A snack full of Hydrangea leaves has returned Rea’s mind back to its normal state. Unfortunately, the commotion with Wanko and Rea hasn’t gone unnoticed. Chihiro’s father and sister are on the scene, though this won’t end badly for the newly couple. Chihiro isn’t able to explain everything to his father, but taking care of Rea is his responsibility now. That alone was able to convince his father that a much needed change has occurred. As far as he can remember, his son has only ever cared about zombies. Seeing him take up a responsibility other than something zombie related was enough for him. Although, unknown to him this is very much zombie related. Rea can stay without trouble, yet trouble will eventually be coming for her.

While Rea can openly stay within the Furuya household, there was a number of other developments to look out for. First, an official rivalry has been declared. Wanko may be Chihiro’s cousin, but she’s not willing to lose to Rea. Can a human girl even tempt Chihiro in the first place? Moreover, Chihiro’s grandfather, Jogorou, was able to snap out of his dementia for a brief moment during this episode. Before being snapped back by Wanko, he dropped 3 important details for Chihiro. In order to maintain Rea, he must keep her fit, cool, and continually replenish her stores of the toxin. Additionally, Chihiro must monitor her at all times. Any slight change must be noted with care. If he wants to keep Rea around as long as possible, then this will be his duty to her. Lastly, while going out on a midnight stroll, Chihiro was nearly struck by a car. Rea was able to save him, yet what came next is something Chihiro will have to remember. His wound has been treated in a most peculiar way. Anyhow, ready to maintain a zombie for life? Enjoy the leaf only diet!





Click here for the 6th webm collection.


Jealousy inbound! We’ll be spending some much needed time with Wanko real soon.

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