Collection Request: Meiji Tokyo Renka

Request complete!

Ever felt there was no love for you in the current time? Well, maybe the Meiji-era could change that outlook. In the case of Mei Ayazuki, she’ll be given quite the selection in a distant past. Within the Meiji-era, a number of historical figures await to charm one girl’s heart. Anyhow, let’s get this all done in one. Enjoy the collection of stitches from the past!


Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Episode 4:


Episode 5:


Episode 6:


Episode 7:


Episode 8:


Episode 9:


Episode 10:


Episode 11:


Episode 12:


I’m sure there will be other collection posts in the far out future. In the meantime, look forward to the many daily reviews to come!

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