Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? T.V. Media Review Episode 3

Just one sip did the trick!

Kana has received another invitation by Ichirou’s mother. This visit was originally suppose to be for a celebration, though Ichirou’s mother has other ideas in mind. After getting Kana to drink just a sip of alcohol, she’ll be spilling everything. Turns out, Kana use to be quite the timid girl with no direction for the future. All this changed one day when she met a young boy. That boy gave her the confidence to become something she never thought possible, a teacher. Now, Kana is eternally grateful to this individual, and she wishes to meet him again. Well, it just so happens that the boy in her story is Ichirou. Once this was pointed out by Ichirou’s mother, she’ll be leaving the two love birds for some alone time. However, Ichirou does not wish to take advantage of a drunken Kana. She’s more than willing, but this just isn’t right. Kana could lose everything if word of a student-teacher relationship got out. Still, Kana is willing to make the first move. Their first kiss will be sealing the deal for the future.

Kana and Ichirou’s spotlight will be sadly ending here. While we only got to see the spark that set things off, they will continue to build their relationship in the background. Moving forward, we’ll be in store for 3 other student-teacher relationships. The plot will be mostly the same things we’ve come to see, but with different characters from the same school. Anyhow, ready to commit to a scandalous relationship? Enjoy taming the demon’s heart!





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