Tachibanakan to Lie Angle Blu-ray Media Review Episodes 11 & 12

Let’s wrap up another one!

There’s not too much to be said here, though there was one last instance of censorship to be cleared up. Episode 12 had some fog removed from Iori’s behind. Other than that, you’ve seen it all pretty much, well at least here. Moreover, overall I can say I’m pleased with all the changes presented on the blu-rays. All articles of mysterious light beams or fog have been expunged, and they even went the extra mile in a few cases. Redrawing to maximize the lewd factor can never go wrong. Anyhow, it’s time we put this one to bed. Enjoy our last helping of Tachibanakan Triangle!


Episode 11:


Episode 12:




Click here for the final webm collection.


There’s plenty more shorts to be reviewed. Look forward to endless arrivals here at, Anime Solution!

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