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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

The fire has been cut short!

Even the kingdom’s strongest warrior can’t fend off poison forever. The Fire Tribe’s vile tactics have pushed Hak to the very edge. Fortunately, Yona won’t let Hak go so easily. She’ll be rushing to his side, though not without a sacrifice. In order to escape Tae-jun’s grip, her beloved hair will be taking a snip. Still, these fugitives have no where left to run. While attempting to save Hak from certain death, Yona has fallen along with him. A fall that should claim any life has been witnessed by Tae-jun, however this will come as troubling news. Su-won did not dream of this end for his two beloved childhood friends. He knew they could never stand beside him again, yet he did not wish for their fates to end like this. Nevertheless, the time to look back has come to a close. The crowning of the 11th king of the Kouka Kingdom is at hand. There’s much uncertainty surrounding the new king, regardless he’s come in with a strong start. Su-won has pledged to restore the kingdom to its former glory. No matter who stands in his way, they will be crushed beneath him.

Was their fall truly the end? Hak and Yona’s tumble has only just begun. At the bottom of the valley, Yun has found them in critical condition. This passerby isn’t looking for any trouble, though he will make an exception in this case. He’s taken them both in, and ensured the worse does not happen. Additionally, Yona has found the one she was seeking out. Ik-su, the priest recommended by Mun-deok has been found. His prayers for good fortune to his guests have been heard, yet that won’t be the only thing we’ll be hearing from him. We’ve got a destiny to unfold next time. Anyhow, the road to recovery begins now. Enjoy a new era under Su-won!





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She’s found the one to help guide her path, but what next? Stay tuned for plenty more Yona here at, Anime Solution!

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