Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 2

The journey to become a demon slayer starts now!

Before our unlikely duo arrives at their destination, they’ve encountered a demon. A feast upon a few residents of a temple has begun. However, an interruption to his demon’s meal will not be taken kindly. Tanjirou and Nezuko must now fight their first battle against a demon. Taking down the killer was one thing, but ending his life was another. It would seem even decapitation does not end a demon’s life. Fortunately, Tanjirou will be given some sudden advice. From out of nowhere the man he was seeking out has appeared. Sakonji has come to see if Tanjirou is worthy of becoming a demon slayer. Unfortunately, Tanjirou could not do what needed to be done to end the demon’s life. His hesitation put doubts into Sakonji’s mind, still he will give him a proper test. In order to see if Tanjirou is ready for this hellish experience, he’ll have to keep up first. After a non-stop run to Mt. Sagiri, then the real test began. If Tanjirou can make it back to the base of the mountain before sunrise, Sakonji will accept him as a student. Now, this won’t just be a simple walk back. This mountain is filled with traps to stop him from making it on time. Nonetheless, a bloodied and bruised Tanjirou will be giving it his all. Conquering this mountain is only the first step in his adventure.

What Tanjirou and Nezuko saw today should probably be considered just a warm up. That demon was nothing compared to many other faces we’ll come to learn. Moreover, I hope everyone is ready for tons of training. The next few episodes will probably be all about that, then a final test. Things might get a little slow action wise for a bit. They will pick back up in due time, though. Furthermore, this was another very solid episode. It was rather nice to see how intense Nezuko’s struggles could get. Human flesh was presented right before her, yet she ran to her brother’s side instead of indulging. Her battle to be unlike any other demon is just beginning, too. Anyhow, remember to practice your breathing techniques. Enjoy another cinematic experience!







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Our days of training have only just begun. Meet two spectral figures next time here at, Anime Solution!

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