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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

It’s from one sticky situation to another.

Ichirou Satou has found himself in quite the predicament. Locked in a bathroom stall with his teacher, Kana Kojima, has him worried for the future. She may be an ordinary language teacher on the outside, but lurking within is a “demon”. However, neither one will be able to act out of place, or they risk being caught together. That’s not all, they also both need to relieve themselves. Well, there’s only one way to go about this. Both sides will be shaming themselves on this day. Moreover, Ichirou’s time with Kana had a lasting impression. She’s constantly on his mind, and he’ll quickly find himself tangled with her again. While attempting to skip class, Ichirou found Kana at the nurse’s office with a cold. She’s not doing too hot, fortunately there is medicine there to help treat her. Unfortunately, the only medicine on hand requires one to bend over. It’ll be a suppository for Kana, although she’ll get Ichirou back for this tomorrow.

There’s a few things to go over with this show. First, no matter what version you’re currently watching there will be censorship. You’ll have to wait till the blu-ray release to get the full experience out of this one. The least censored version drops on Thursday, so that’s when these postings will be done. Furthermore, this show will be dealing with 4 heroes and heroines. Each side makes up a pairing that we’ll get to view for 3 episodes. As you’ll see below, Ichirou and Kana will be the first couple in the spotlight. Lastly, I have to say for a fan service focused anime, they’ve done an excellent job presenting the visuals. Aside from the censorship, this was a far mark above from the norm. Hopefully everything continues to hold strong moving forward. Anyhow, ready to release some built up stress? Enjoy the lewd scenarios with Kojima the Demon!


OP: Now this is how you get someone to read the opening credits.


Episode 1 :






Click here for the first webm collection.


We’ve still got some time to spend with Kana. Join us for another partially uncensored viewing next Thursday!

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