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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

He needs some fluff!

Far above the realm of men, Senko has been watching one particular individual. Nakano’s world has been clouded in darkness. Everyday he’s worked to the bone as a salary-man, thus he never has a moment for himself. A collapse will soon be upon him, however one meddlesome kitsune plans to put a stop to it. Senko will put his heart to ease no matter what she has to do. Whether it be cooking, cleaning, or a special service, Senko will pamper Nakano to his heart’s content. So, ready for that tail service?

This is a very straightforward anime, and one that resonates with me right now. Are you on the verge of collapse from your daily routine, then look no forward. Senko-san will take care of everything. Just ask anything of her. She’ll be sure to take care of it, though be sure to keep it wholesome. Moreover, while this is mainly a healing type of show there is some story to it. It was only briefly mentioned, but Senko’s arrival to help Nakano wasn’t by random chance. Let’s just say she’s quite familiar with this bloodline. There should be more to this later on. Anyhow, ready to taste a loving home cooked meal? Enjoy the fluffiness!




Episode 1:






Click here for the first webm collection.


We’ve got a season full of healing ahead of us. Join us for the fluffy tail every Wednesday!

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