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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 78

by Yumiko

Can beauty carry everything?

The 2nd stage of the tournament has arrived, and there’s little time to dally. Team B and C will be ushered onto a new playing field to get things started. Now, circumstances on both teams have changed. Asta’s opening move called for him going all out, but it was a double-edged sword. Clearing the field of Kirsch’s magic also swept away all of Xerx’s traps. Without his traps, Xerx won’t be able to sit back this time. He’ll have to work with his team in order to pull off a victory. Meanwhile, Kirsch has begun to lose his cool. A mere peasant blowing away his beautiful magic, then finding out a peasant is on his very own team, it was all too much. He’ll be going in alone while Magna and Sol play defense. Unfortunately, a lack of team play will be Kirsch’s downfall. Being apart of the royal bloodline can only take one so far. Going up against excellent teamwork will have Kirsch tasting anti-magic firsthand.

Will he honor his father’s words? We’ve finally been given a glimpse into who this “Xerx” character is. A flashback featuring his father and a important lesson were displayed. Now, this lesson is one not everyone can handle, though it is an important one to realize. No one can do everything alone. Not even the Magic Emperor could defend the kingdom by himself. It is the cooperation between the magical knights that keeps the place going. Xerx does work with Asta here, still he’s very hesitant. There’s more to why our mysterious character isn’t such a team player, although we’ll have to wait for additional flashbacks. Moreover, Team C isn’t out of the battle quite yet. Kirsch may be down, but his team’s crystal remains untouched. Team B’s new found teamwork will be put to the test next time. Anyhow, an expected trap awaits. Enjoy being clapped back into reality, Kirsch!





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This match isn’t quite over yet. Join us for the conclusion next Tuesday!

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