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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Could there be another way?

Thirty years ago a spacequake devastated Eurasia. These unnatural phenomenons went on for 6 months around the globe, and resulted in the deaths of millions. However, after this period they suddenly vanished. No explanation as to why this all began was ever given to the world, yet after 25 years of peace they’ve returned. The majority of these new spacequakes can be found within Tengu City. Now, it just so happens that this city houses a very special resident. He knows nothing of his unique ability, but on this fateful evening his ordinary days would forever be changed. Shido Itsuka has witnessed firsthand what is truly going on behind these spacequakes. The disheartened “Princess” has paid the topside an explosive visit.

Let’s slightly back this one up a bit. A new semester is just about to begin, and Shido has been awoken by his precious little sister, Kotori. Playfulness aside, they’ve made an agreement to meet up at a diner after school. Kotori makes him promise to show up no matter what. Unfortunately, this is a lunch date that will never happen. A spacequake warning has gone out, though it would appear Kotori took their agreement to heart. When Shido looked up Kotori’s location, she was there as promised. Taking shelter is the least of Shido’s worries now, he must reach his sister before anything happens. However, upon reaching the scene all he finds is destruction and a single girl surrounding it all. It was at this moment Shido made his “first” contact with a Spirit, yet it wouldn’t last long. A battle between the Princess and the AST thew everything into chaos. Shido’s lights will be going out for this one, although his sister will be there for him once he awakes.

Welcome to Ratatoskr, Shido! After awaking from unconsciousness, Shido finds himself upon the Fraxinus. This airship was hovering right above where Kotori was located, and it just so happens she was there safely the whole time. Though that’s not all, she’s also the captain of the ship. This is all a bit much for Shido to take in, but Kotori has little patience to be playful here. Now that Shido has seen the truth behind their world, Ratatoskr true purpose can begin. An organization centered around Shido’s mysterious ability is ready to put him to work. Furthermore, just what type of obligation has Shido been forced into? Well, there’s only two methods when dealing with a Spirit. The government backed forces, the AST, believe killing Spirits is the only way. However, there is another way, although it may seem unconventional. Shido must now train to date, gain their affection, then seal each Spirit by kissing them. Your single days will soon be coming to an end, Shin.

Seeing the Princess wasn’t the only startling thing Shido saw on that fateful date. One of his classmates, Origami Tobiichi, happens to be a member of the AST. Little is known publicly about the Anti-Spirit Team, but they can always be found at the scene of a spacequake. Their goal is to put an end to the Spirit threat, yet this goal is little more personal for Origami. The following day at school, Shido was pulled aside by Origami. She informs him that he’s better off forgetting what he saw, though Shido does push back. He doesn’t believe that the Princess is so bad that she needs to be killed. He saw the look in her eyes, and she was not out there to harm anyone. Regardless, Origami will give it to him straight. Five years ago a Spirit killed both her parents right before her eyes.

There’s definitely a lot to take in here for a first episode, but it’s manageable. Things won’t be as sudden going forward now that everything is set up. Moreover, if you’ve forgotten what Date A Live looked like in its prime, then here it is. Date A Live’s best moments can truthfully all be found in season one, well at least art and animation wise. Anyhow, the date life is ready and waiting. Enjoy the training sessions, Shido!




Episode 1:


ED: The ending featured in the first season is very basic, and will change up for each Spirit introduced.




Click here for the first webm collection.


Continue to look forward to plenty more date action. The best has yet to come!

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