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Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen Movie Media Review

by Yumiko

Rumor has it that a vampire is in town.

Such rumors can normally be dismissed as nothing more than playful banter. Unfortunately in Araragi’s case, this was no mere rumor. A chance encounter has led him to a trail of blood. Seeing such a sight instantly thew him off, and things only got worse as he followed the bloody mess. At the end of the trail, Araragi found a women surrounded in a pool of her own blood. Now, calling for help won’t be necessary here. As Araragi would soon find out, that was no ordinary women bleeding out on the ground. A legendary vampire laid there before him, though she had been mortally wounded. Her only chance for survival was to consume every last drop of blood contained within Araragi, but at this point Araragi could hardly process a dying plea. Fear had gripped his entire body, and running was the only thing on his mind. Nevertheless, that dying vampire won’t let Araragi go before she begs with all her might. Death is something she does not welcome. Bloody tears will flow in order to convince Araragi to save her. He does attempt to flee the scene, yet her cries for help ultimately got to him. It was a nice life while it lasted, right?

There are a few things to note before we go any further here. First, as always these movie reviews are broken into two parts. I don’t want to overload a single post, so the rest of the media can be found in part 2. Moreover, this movie was recorded in letterbox format. This particular format is appropriately used, however the media displayed here won’t feature it. Half this post would have been black space otherwise. Keeping that in mind, one should know that Kizumonogatari probably shouldn’t be your first introduction to this story. It is the beginning of everything, but this tale is told later on chronologically. If you know about the Illya movie, then this is pretty much the same deal. Anyhow, I’ll get back to talking about the plot in part 2. Enjoy the final moments of Araragi’s ordinary life!





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Be sure to check out the remainder of the media for this review in part 2. Click here if you’d liked to be taken there immediately.

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