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Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

There’s always some truth behind each rumor.

A battle that only begins at dusk each day has raged for hundreds of years. On one end stands the bloodthirsty man-eating demons. Opposing them are the ever growing demon slayers. However, to the public eye no such war is known. Only the victims left behind know the horrors that lurk at night. Unfortunately, these rumors would soon because reality to one loving family. Their demise wouldn’t be for nothing, though. This critical moment in history would be the start of a long awaited turnaround. A single boy has sworn to hunt down the one who slew his family, and protect the one left behind.

Introducing, Tanjirou Kamado, he’s an eternal hard worker with a sharp sense of smell. Ever since the death of his father, Tanjirou has done everything possible to help support his family. Traveling down to town to sell charcoal was always a big event for Tanjirou, though this will be his last. Unable to reach back home before nightfall, he was advised to stay the night. A number of recent events has everyone locking their doors at night. Once sunrise had come, he was quick to head back home. Sadly, all that awaited him was death. Everyone except for this little sister, Nezuko, had been slaughtered. However, this tragedy doesn’t stop there. Nezuko has turned into a demon, and a demon slayer has arrived on the scene. Giyuu Tomioka has seen the events before him play out numerous times. A family member attempting to help their recently turned loved one never works out. A demon will always turn their back the moment they grow hungry. Although, on this day Giyuu found himself in a truly unique experience. A human brother and a demon sister fought back against all odds. Nezuko isn’t quite like her fellow kin, and for that Tanjirou will be given a chance. He has been instructed to head to Mt. Sagiri. It is there he will find the one called, Sakonji Urokodaki. What awaits him there he does not know, but this will be his first step to saving his sister.

Moving forward there’s a number of things to remember. One, Tanjirou’s nose can pick up and differentiate just about any scent out there. This goes especially for the one who killed his family and turned Nezuko into a demon. Tanjirou will never forget that smell. Moreover, Tanjirou is currently walking a path of many uncertainties. His current biggest desire is to just protect his sister, then turn her back into a human. However, he’ll have to face many roadblocks on each side to complete his goal. There are few out there that will accept their strange duo. Lastly, I have to give some big praises to Ufotable. This is without a doubt one of the strongest first episode impressions I’ve ever seen. They’ve started out big, so let’s just hope they can keep it up. Anyhow, the road to becoming a demon slayer will soon begin. Enjoy the birth of the world’s most unique demon!




Episode 1:




Click here for the first webm collection.


The journey to Mt. Sagiri begins next time. We’ve got plenty of training before Nezuko can be saved.

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