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Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen Movie Media Review Part 2

by Yumiko

Welcome to the vampire life!

Araragi hasn’t met his end yet, although he’s awoken to a strange scene. Sleeping beside him is the women he saved, though only a fraction of her remained. Furthermore, a few days have pass since that incident, and he’s ready to head home. Stumbling to find his way out, he is eventually met with sunlight. Now, Araragi hadn’t quite realized what truly took place that night. No longer is the sunlight a friend of his, he is now strictly a night-walker. Fortunately, he won’t have to burn long before being rescued. A Master can’t let her newest servant burnout without knowing anything.

An introduction and a explanation of things are in order. This so called legendary vampire currently goes by the name, Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade, or just Kiss-shot for Araragi. Regardless, Kiss-shot’s current circumstances are a tad unique. During an encounter with three specialist, she was caught completely off guard. Normally these exorcist wouldn’t of stood a chance, but that’s the cost of letting your guard down. Each of her limbs have been stolen, thus she’s only a fraction of her former self. Araragi’s blood could only take her so far. However, there’s only one thing on Araragi’s mind. Can he be turned back into a human? Kiss-shot has claimed it’s possible, although she’ll need her former power to do so. A mission impossible has now begun for Araragi. Taking back those limbs can’t be that hard, right?

Araragi may have been bitten by one of the best, but he’s no fighter. Standing before those three brought him to his knees. Fortunately, Araragi’s battle won’t start just yet. Before a single blow could connect, a third party has intervened. Oshino Meme has saved Araragi from a world of pain, though the main issue remains. Moreover, just who is this sudden Oshino character? Well, he’s the one that’s been helping them all along. They didn’t find that hideout of theirs by chance. Oshino is an exorcist just like those three, but he’s detected a shift in the balance. While he stays within the city, he plans to help them out, although for a price. He’s isn’t working for free here. Nonetheless, Oshino isn’t a fighter himself. In exchange of his services, he’ll be setting things up in a more favorable manner for Araragi. Accepting Oshino’s help comes with numerous risks, yet Araragi has little choice if he wants to be human again. Just a small fee of 2 million yen will have to do.

That should just about do it for the story told in part 1 of 3. There’s plenty more to come from this, and I’ll happily cover it all. As for anything beyond the movie, we’ll see in time. Somewhere along the line, I lost my way watching this show. So, this will be a bit of a new adventure even for me. Let’s just hope I don’t lose my spot again this time. Anyhow, that’s enough chatter. Enjoy some top of the line media!





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Look forward to coverage of the other 2 movies within this installment. It may take quite some time, but it will be done!

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