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Manaria Friends T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Never leave a friend behind!

It’s vacation time, though this doesn’t come as good news to Grea. Everyone she knows is heading back home, and this includes Anne. Anne plans to leave Grea behind with good news via a letter, however she is pulled away before they can discuss anything. This leaves Grea in quite the vulnerable state. Those around here are only talking about going back home, yet she will be one of the few that remains on campus. When everything felt too much for her, Grea raced for Anne’s room. All traces of Anne had vanished from her dwelling, but she wasn’t out the door yet. Anne can’t leave before saying good-bye to her beloved friend. Additionally, there’s good news contained within Grea’s letter. Starting next semester, they can now live together within the dorms. Their friendship won’t end just because Anne has to leave for a few months. Once she’s back these two will be inseparable.

Our 10 episodes of pure friendship has come to a close, although there’s still a little bit to discuss here. Plot wise there really isn’t much going on. This show is episodic from start to finish, and the only take away is the message of friendship. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking for something more than that, then you’ve come to the wrong ride. Moreover, I have to give it to Cygames Pictures for their work on the first 4 episodes. Those 4 had some real heart stopping moments. After that things kinda mellow out. There’s no huge noticeable dip in quality, but nothing really exciting takes place during the later half. Well, you can count on the beach episode for some excitement. Nevertheless, an overall beautiful viewing experience.

I’d say a 7/10 would be a fair rating for Anne and Grea. Their message of friendship is one that can resonate with just about anybody. On top of that is a set of stunning visuals. This is definitely one that can be consumed easily for a short. Anyhow, ready to sneak back into school to see Grea’s tail? Enjoy the last addition of friendship!



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If you enjoyed this short, then look forward to another one next season. I’m told there’s quite the selection, so be prepared for anything!

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