Spring Requests!

Spring will soon be upon us!

After a rough, though mostly successful start to the year here, it’s almost time to start up the spring review season. However, there’s a slight problem. Not a single show is catching my eye. I’m sure there’s some hidden gems in there, so I’d like to hear from all of you. If you think there’s a show worthy of a review, then please let me know ASAP. You may let me know threw the comments down below, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or e-mail. Check the contact page or the top of the website if you need guidance to those links.

There’s a few other updates I should probably announce here. During this season or next season my house will hopefully be finished from repairs. When that does happen, it’s going to be difficult to work on anything. The move back in process could take a week or more. So, be prepared for when that happens. I’ll attempt to catch back up as always, though. Moreover, as some of you know, we almost got shut down at the start of the year. I never got to give an update on that, but we’re safe for now. If anything further happens with that, I’ll be sure to let you’ll know instantly. Lastly, I’d like to give a special thanks to my dedicated visitors. There’s a handful of you that come here everyday, and I’m really thankful for that. Keep on being champions!

PS : An extra special thanks to the people who tag all my images on Pinterest.

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