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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

Boogiepop does not smile.

The self-made billionaire, Teratsuki, has mysteriously passed on. Before departing the mortal realm, he left behind his greatest work for the world. A structure like no other looms over the city in awe. However, those left in charge have no idea what to do with the building. It was originally to be a central network for information, but due to Teratsuki’s untimely death it has been set to be demolished. Teratsuki left quite the mess behind, yet it be a shame to knock down such a unique building before letting others in. From every corner of the city people have come to see Teratsuki’s masterpiece. Unfortunately, something just isn’t quite right about this building. The Moon Temple has locked everyone in, although that’s the least of their worries. Whispers from the King of Distortion have begun to reach the hearts of everyone inside. His experiment has begun, and he’s not going to let anyone interfere without consequence.

Our final arc won’t be introducing a bunch of new characters. A handful of familiar faces have come to see the Moon Temple. Even Touka was drawn to the event threw a date. However, this is no time to be having fun. The sudden appearance of a new world ending threat means Boogiepop has come out to play. Before the Moon Temple was placed in lock down mode, Boogiepop managed to make it inside. However, Boogiepop isn’t so certain that it will come out on top after confronting the King of Distortion. This king is nowhere and everyone all at the same time. Its goal is to turn everything into gold, regardless a complex hunt is about to take place. Just how will these two entities battle it out within the hearts of men? Anyhow, it’s another chase till the end for us. Enjoy the false smile!





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Our battle against the King of Distortion has only just begun. Look forward to 4 more reviews of Boogiepop here at, Anime Solution!

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