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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 77

by Yumiko

Let’s wrap this first stage up!

Team K is ready to display how much they’ve grown. Klaus and Luck have improved vastly since their days in the dungeon. However, none of that means anything if they can’t at least win their first match. It’ll take a slingshot right through the opposing team, regardless Luck will be crushing his opponents and their crystal in one go. Once the dust had settled, it was time for the final match of stage one. Noelle and Yuno’s time had finally come, although these two are in for some grudge battles. This goes especially for Noelle. Her older brother, Solid, has never shown an ounce of love for her. Believing her to be a disgrace to a royal family, Solid tortured his younger sister when given the chance. Fortunately, Solid’s reign of terror will be put in it’s place today. No longer will his sadistic nature hold Noelle back, Solid has learned of the sea dragon’s wrath.

A well deserved victory for Noelle here. Being a royal with no control over their magic put her in a tough spot growing up. Her family especially looked down on her because of what they got out of it. However, since joining the Black Bulls, Noelle’s growth can not be denied. That visage of a helpless girl with no control is gone. She’ll only continue to impress going forward, too. Moreover, we’ve still got 2 more siblings disputes to handle. We’ll be in store for another one next week. Anyhow, stage two is right around the corner. Enjoy the end of the first stage!


OP: If you really read into this opening, well it kinda spoils what’s to come. Great visuals besides that, though.


Episode 77:






Click here for the WebM album.


Asta will be back on stage next week. Be sure to join us for another sibling clash!

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Yumiko (@guest_3123)
5 years ago

Happy to read that, Sarah. It’s always a pleasure to have such kind visitors. Please continue to look forward to more here!

Sarah (@guest_3122)
5 years ago

Thank you!?I love this blog so much, and I check it everyday?