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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 24

by Yumiko

Stay cool…

A fearsome clash between Kirito and Quinella has broken out. However, the power an administrator wields proves to be a tad much. Kirito’s leveled headed self begins to lose confidence, though there is one soul still around to cheer him on. Eugeo isn’t gone yet, and he’ll be giving the last of his blood to Kirito. Taking up Eugeo’s broke blade, it has been reforged into the Red Rose Sword. A visage that hasn’t been donned in years has returned. With two swords in hand, Kirito is able to mortally wound Quinella. Knowing that her death was imminent, Quinella attempted to escape to the real world. Fortunately, her reign ends today, although to a surprise explosion. Chudelkin won’t let the object of his desire run. Even if it means burning up together, he’ll be close with the Administrator till the very end.

Their paths are no longer one. After the bloody battle, Kirito rushes to Eugeo’s side. Only mere moments remain for him, but together they remember everything. Those days as a trio haven’t been forgotten. However, Alice and Eugeo will be going their own way. As long as Kirito remembers them, they will continue to live on inside him. Additionally, as the light from Eugeo’s eyes faded away, he names Kirito’s sword. Through the darkness he sees one last star before him. The Night Sky Sword will rest beside Kirito from this day forward.

That can’t be it, right? Well, we’ve only reached the half way point here. Quinella’s defeat is good and all, but Kirito’s main problem remains. He’s stuck in Underworld, although he’s finally able to contact the other side. Quinella’s room just so happened to contain a direct line to Kikuoka. Unfortunately, Kirito has called at a bad time. Their base of operations is under attack by an unknown force. There’s no time to explain, though he’s given a mission by Kikuoka before being cut off. He is to take Alice and travel to World’s End Altar. No reasoning is given, yet that’s the least of Kirito’s worries. Those attackers have decided to cut the main power line. A power surge here isn’t good news for the machine keeping Kirito alive. His Fluctlight is about to get real toasty.

That about wraps up the story we’ve been given thus far. Project Alicization will be on break until the fall season, so we’ll be leaving off on a massive cliffhanger. What happened on the Turtle and to Kirito will be revealed in due time. Moreover, I’m going to hold off on passing any judgment on this adaptation. Since we’ve only been given half of the story, I’d rather wait to hand out a final verdict. Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen a handful of worrisome things. Let’s hope a 6 month break helps A-1 Pictures out big time. If you thought we got a lot of action here, then you’re in for a real treat come October. War is coming to the Underworld! Anyhow, I hope you’ve all bought surge protection plans. Enjoy the fall of the usurper!





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Project Alicization will return this fall! In the meantime continue to look forward to more here at, Anime Solution.

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