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Date A Live III T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

It’s a disaster in more ways than one.

A summary for this one just won’t do. In fact, this episode should probably be consider a teaser of sorts for volume 12. I’m unsure why this episode even took place, but J.C. Staff has decided to “animate” 320 pages in 22 minutes. So, what takes place here is only somewhat cannon. They have left out an incredible amount of details. Itsuka Disaster definitely deserved better than this, though it is what it is. At the very least, they lived up to the disaster title.

From the get go, I gave a warning about the art quality we would be getting with J.C. Staff. However, I didn’t think they could drop so low. This episode was legitimately almost a slideshow presentation. There were several instances here where the camera was just span around in nonsensical motions. You’re not fooling anyone with that trick, J.C. Staff. Moreover, the ending of Natsumi’s and Origami’s arcs were plagued with quality problems. At this point, I can only assume they don’t value strong endings. All these episodes could have been so much more, well if they were given the proper work.

If you consider this an 11 episode anime, then story wise we’re doing fairly well. I have no qualms with the story being told here. There’s no way I would be looking into a third season if I didn’t love Date A Live. I’ve put in far too much work into this show to ever turn my back on it. Moreover, the highlight of this season had to be during Origami’s arc. That moment when Origami realized what she had done and broke, beautiful. I’ve read up about it countless times, but to see it was true satisfaction. She’s not my preferred Spirit, yet she always knows how to bring a scene to life. Keep on doing you, Origami.

I’m going to split how I rate this one. Date A Live as a whole has always been a 7/10 to me. I love it, but I do have to be real about it. This story isn’t anything too crazy. Now, as for J.C. Staff’s work here, well at first I thought they could at least keep a steady rate going. What they were pumping out wasn’t anything to gush about, though it was keeping steadying till about episode 10. After that I’m not sure what truly took place. The end of the season slump must of hit them hard, so a 3/10 for you, J.C. Staff. Anyhow, ready to experience an entire book in 22 minutes? Enjoy the role reversal!


OP: Here’s one final change to the opening. She sure has gone through a lot.


Episode 12:

You forgot something here, J.C. Staff.

As if they could afford to animate number 3. They couldn’t even do justice for the ice cream one.

Something about this one just doesn’t seem right…




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Yumiko (@guest_3141)
5 years ago

If you’re looking for fan service, then this episode was your best bet.

Justin Ohara
Justin Ohara (@guest_3140)
5 years ago

Awesome review bold Yoshino and oh oh natsumi. As well as the Yamai and ice cream so much fan service