Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 12

Where’s Itsuki?

Their game of tag has come to a close, yet one person is no where to be found. Now, it was originally claimed by Ichika that her sister was avoiding Fuutarou. This is typical of Itsuki, but something this time didn’t feel quite right. Fuutarou will be pulling “ Ichika” aside for a private chat. There’s no fooling this genius. Beneath that hood and surgical mask, Itsuki was there all along. Unfortunately, their time alone will be cut short. Fuutarou has been holding back a fever for days, and he can no longer keep up appearances. It will be only bed rest for him for the remainder of the trip. Sadly, falling sick here means he will not be able to participate in the bonfire dance. This is an event just about everyone was looking forward to, although the quintuplets won’t let Fuutarou’s last day end in a disaster. They knew how much this trip meant to him, so they will all participate in the legend at his bedside. Everyone take a finger, Fuutarou is destined to be with 5 beauties.

This was a story about studying, right? Well, I doubt many people truly came into this for the studying aspect. Gotoubun no Hanayome is truthfully just about rooting for the girl you want to see win, although there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve watched numerous harem shows over the years, though I have to say this one has some fierce competition. No matter which of the quintuplets you choose, they each have quite the fans behind them. Obviously, I’m on team Miku, yet she’s still got a ways to go. She was able to declare her love openly during the finale, so you go girl! Now, Miku isn’t the only sister in this running. Ichika and the others have only gotten started, and that’s where the fun of this show lies. While the battle for “Fuutarou’s” heart is ongoing, we still have to complete the major task at hand. There’s no future until we get these 5 sisters to pass their exams. Marriage will have to wait till later.

There’s no way I can end this without talking about the art displayed in the show. Tezuka Productions did not make this one easy on me. I don’t typically talk about the difficulty of covering each show here, but stitching together the media for this one has been a major task. Whether you noticed this or not, there isn’t very much going on in this show. As such we had a lot of slideshow movements, and I mean a lot. Overall, I created 505 stitches for the quintuplets. If we take a step back to say, Neverland, there I only had to make 86. So, only about 5 times the work, though pretty typical for harem shows. One should never go into this genre expecting masterpieces. Regardless, let’s just hope the blu-rays can make some much needed improvements. There’s plenty of frames that could use some help.

Loved the story, but the art had me in a funk. Nevertheless, I can happily give this one a 7/10. Quintuplets has been an overall nice ride, and I’ll surely miss it. Moreover, there’s no word of a season 2 yet. I’ll keep an eye out, but in the meantime if you’re interested in continuing this story, then your best bet is reading the manga. There’s only 79 chapters currently out, so catching up should be fairly easy. This adaptation was mostly on point, so you can even start from chapter 33. Anyhow, we’ve got a legend to witness. Enjoy the final day of the trip!





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