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Yakusoku no Neverland T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

See you never, Mama!

Norman’s plan has ensured another tomorrow for his many brothers and sisters. Even once the alarm is sounded, they’ve already made their clean escape. Now, going threw the front gate was thought to be the only way out. The demons sat there ready for the children, yet Norman found another way. These children will be zip lining to freedom. However, this breakout wouldn’t be complete without seeing Mama one last time. Knowing something was up, she dashed to the only place they could be. Fortunately, by time she made it, Emma was the last child left up on the wall. Knowing this was her total defeat for survival, Isabella will wave off the children with tearful eyes. She knows not what awaits them out there, but wishes them the best of luck.

The plan doesn’t quite stop there. This break out only had 15 children escape. All children ages 4 and under were left behind. Now, this was a difficult decision by Emma, but taking along babies would have been impossible. They knew nothing of the world outside their walls, thus the potential danger was far too high. Still, they’ve entrusted Phil with the secret behind the orphanages before departing. He has accepted the truth, and he isn’t truly being left behind. Emma plans to return for all the children of Grace Field in 2 years time. However, Emma has a lot of surviving to do before she can return. A world filled with dangers awaits us in season 2!

That’s right, we’ve already been confirmed for a season 2. This story is far from over, and there’s plenty of action to come with future story arcs. Nevertheless, let’s continue to focus on season 1 for now. There are some praises to be handed out here. I strongly believe CloverWorks did an excellent job of adapting the first arc. In fact, I enjoyed watching Neverland more than reading the source material. Originally, I wasn’t too much of a fan of this part of the story, but after today’s wonderful ending I’ve come around. A true sense of freedom can be felt with how things are left off. Additionally, I have to say they were on point with keeping the art consistent with the manga. This is quite a problem with a lot of shows, so seeing it pulled off here was excellent. A few times they even went above expectations. The horror of this world has been captured near perfectly.

Aside from some minor cuts here and there, I can happily jot this one down as a 8/10. Hopefully season 2 keeps up the excellent pace, or even raises the bar. Regardless, I for one will be looking forward to future seasons. What comes next are the parts that I particularly found most interesting. There’s a whole world of there filled mysteries for these children to undercover, although we’ll have to wait till next year. Anyhow, it’s time to say our good-byes for now to Grace Field. Enjoy just a glimpse of their first day of freedom!





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Our 15 brave souls head for lands untold. Join us for the adventure beyond the wall next year!

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Yumiko (@guest_3149)
5 years ago

I probably should of stated this somewhere here. Moving forward there won’t be as many mind games. They will certainly still have to use their brains to survive out in the world, but we’re looking at a lot more action moving forward. So, prepare for some changes come season 2!

Boner ReachSky
Boner ReachSky (@guest_3148)
5 years ago

https://www.thenerdmag.com/…Just as expected, there will be another season 2 for this show!! It’s been thrilling and exciting for this show, hopefully the sequels will deliver us the same.